Bronkaid = monster in the gym!

  1. Bronkaid = monster in the gym!

    I used to take Vasopro before rigorous gym sessions and it increase my contractile muscle strength as well as greatly increasing my aerobic capacity.
    I was recently in a CVS and saw bronkaid which had Ephedrine sulfate and not ephedrine HCL which i am accustom to. I purchased it because the price was unbeatable and before my gym session i broke a pill in half, and took both halves with 2 scoops of Jack3d from USP.
    I had the best workout in months, my strength was up 15-20% from all previous weeks and I had the "on" feeling that I had never experienced with just stimulants before. Every deep breath before a heavy set would take in much more air and I could feel my lungs expanding more than normal and the adrenaline rush during the whole workout was phenomenal. I combined two workout days into one and set all new PR's that same day.
    I know alot of people view bronkaid as an inferior product compared to ephedrine hcl but it seemed to work better for me.
    Does anyone else have such positive responses to bronkaid or vasopro?

  2. My favorite is bronkaid, one scoop of superpump250 and one aspirin.

  3. Says it is a appetite suppressant not good for me right?

  4. Yeah, bronkaid works very well. Just as good as other eph products for me. Almost too good lol.

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