MuscleTech® naNOx9™ Hardcore

  1. MuscleTech® naNOx9™ Hardcore

    has any one used this any suggestions for this good or bad


  2. only tried nano vapor and that stuff sucked big balls, made me tired

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ballin15 View Post
    There are much better options out there, don't believe the hype.

  4. Don't buy Muscle Tech products as a general rule of thumb. They're severely overpriced for what they deliver. It's just Arginine, Yohimbine HCL, and Cacao (Chocamine); which can be purchased for much le$$ than they're asking price.

  5. what do you recomend for fast muscle gain

  6. food for muscle gain. if you're looking for a pre wo supp, jack3d, white flood, rpm are some of my favs but different people will give you different answers. Also throw in some creatine mono. Most importantly eat, I was your heigh/weight in high school and I was thinnn man so pack in the food. Great info in the bulking forum for that.... g/l

  7. If your looking to gain muscle... Whey protein, creatine, BCAA's. All the Whey is good price on Nutra. Creatine mono is cheap and proven effective over and over again great price at the Planet. BCAA's everyone has their own they like me i simply use bulk and mix it with crystal light but Purple Wrath or Xtend two good BCAA's. Thats all you need besides eating and a multi vitamin also if your not taking one.


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