going on vacation- retaining muscle/keeping off fat

  1. going on vacation- retaining muscle/keeping off fat

    I'm getting married on Sunday and travelling to Cabo for a 10 day honeymoon. I doubt I will be working out (in the gym) much and am looking for advice on ways to retain muscle/ not put on a lot of additional fat. The resort is all inclusive, I'm won't go overboard on the junk food but I will be drinking some adult beverages and eating high sodium food on occasion.

    I have R-ALA that I can bring, will something like Anabolic Pump for higher carb days be a good option? Any other advise? I'm planning on bringing protien, BCAA's etc with me but looking for something in addition.


  2. i went to jamaica for a week and only put on 1 pound... this is whaty i did...

    i enjoyed breakfast with my GDA (cromium insuleank and glucose metabolic support by life extention)

    next meals i had since it was all inclusive was mainly cheese burgers or jerk chicken or pork and NO bun rice ect...

    i didnt drink much though actually only had 3 shots the entire vacation

    dinner i also enjoyed and did the same GDAs

    i lifted while i was there and i swam as well.

  3. Its 10 days..its your honeymoon...just let loose for this 10 day period.

    When you are old and gray, and no longer fit to take your shirt off on the beach, and your grandkids ask you about 'you and grandma's' honeymoon, you have:

    Story A : We ate a **** ton and drank ourselves stupid and etc etc (yada yada over the good stuff of course )

    Story B : I ate fruit, skipped the big mixed icey drinks, and ate burgers on no buns.

    And also, now she's your wife, so if you do get fat, she's stuck with ya

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