DTPC or T-911

  1. DTPC or T-911

    im going to place an order tomorrow and i cant decide what one i want...i have taken the older version of t-911 and it was ok,mainly boost in libido.. is DTPC a solid product or just over priced herbs..thanks

  2. dtpc is much better than t-911 ive taken both currently on dtpc, dthc, nos ether and ill never go back i love it

  3. DTPC is hardcore from what ive read

  4. dtp is the real deal

  5. Both are good, and have their fair shares of positive reviews.

    It is a hard decision though.

    I am not sure, but I think you may be able to receive a sample through LG.....? Since you can compare the old and the new version.

  6. DTPC???

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EZDUZIT View Post
    "diesel test pro-cycle" a product by the brand "get diesel"

  8. I have never used DTPC. I am currently using T-911 and wrote a mini review. T-911 Mini Review I have enjoyed it so far.

  9. both r good but i can only say that ive used DTP with lable like results

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BifWebster View Post
    "diesel test pro-cycle" a product by the brand "get diesel"
    I was just reading on this product a couple of days ago.
    It sounds pretty good.
    If I could order it, I would but most suppliers will not ship to Canada.
    I would love to get my hand on this.


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