Is there a need to add EAA/BCAAs to PWO shakes?

  1. Is there a need to add EAA/BCAAs to PWO shakes?

    Or does the protein contain enough as it is?

    I was reading this article about the importance of PWO and such and was wondering if I would be doing good to add additional AAs to what is already contained in the protein.

    Edit: Are EAAs needed if BCAAs are added? If I were to start adding them I'm looking in ON's direction; however I don't know if I should get their Amino caps, which have a little bit of all EAAs, or their BCAA, which has about 5g of the combined 3 BCAAs.
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  2. My guess is that it already contains enough. The reason is that good quality whey is supposed to have the best available amino profile of all proteins, which implies it already has the right proportions of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. Therefore, my guess would be that although adding BCAAs and EAAs would not hurt, I would not be surprised if you did not notice a difference when adding them.

  3. The main use I see for BCAAs and EAAs is in a during workout drink like ICE theres nothing wrong with wanting to tailor your own amino acid mixes as it is being proven more that each individual acid has differnet roles. For instance there was just a study posted over on avant that showed isoleucines use as an insulin mimicker. Anyway I agree with Cogar but I still think aminos are useful.

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