Need help with pct. coming off of pmag cycle.

  1. Need help with pct. coming off of pmag cycle.

    Ok, i am less than a week into my pmag/cycle assist cycle. dossing at 50 mg for 4 weeks. I want to get my pct in order far before i end my cycle, in order to avoid any negative results..
    So far, i have half a bottle of lean xtreme, a full bottle of CEL pct assist, and glycobol which i will be taking throughout my cycle.
    I was wondering if this would be an appropriate pct

    Choice 1 is primordial performances Testosterone Recovery Stack which includes sustain alpha, toco-8, and endo amp max

    Choice 2 is Diesel Test Hardcore, inhibit-e and reduce xt

    suggestions and advice is much appreciated as this is my first cycle. if you can give me an ideal pct for my situation, that would also be very much appreciated.pct help.

  2. wrong section try the PCT section youll get a better response

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