Post workout Nutrition?

  1. Post workout Nutrition?

    For post workout i drink about 35g of whey with milk and 5gs of creatine.
    I take one multivitamin in the morning and one at night (they arent strong ones), but i was wondering if it is good to take one right after you workout or does it have things in it that are bad for postworkout.

  2. well in theory it will just dispense everything through your body quicker, so it would be better, I suppose. But as long as your eating good throughout the day, that really isn't necessary. But it wont hurt.

  3. you need more than that post workout.
    slam your shake and creatine rite when you finish training (more than 35g)
    then within the hour EAT!!!!! whole foods!!! like chicken or lean beef, with potatoes or rice.
    trust me, you will see more results if you do this than if you take one more multi v

    good luck and keep training hard

  4. i usually eat a chicken breast, ham or turkeyburger, or a bowl of chilli once im done like 30 min after the shake

  5. good now throw some quality carbs in there too



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