New member looking for help with PH

  1. New member looking for help with PH

    I am 6"2 and about 180lbs. I started working out consistently about 2 years ago and i put on a good amount of weight and got a lot stronger. however for along time now i have been stuck at 180lbs my metabolism is very fast and i have always been pretty active playing sports like hockey so putting on weight has always been difficult. My main goal right now it to gain weight and build mass but i feel like i need something to help me get past the 180 mark and get closer to my goal of 200lbs. My diet is not amazing but being at school its difficult to have a consistent diet. A friend of mine recently began taking tren extreme and was pretty successful, getting stronger and noticeably bigger. I am 21 years old and i have read that you should be at least 21 to do a pro hormone and i have been doing a fair amount of research online in order to figure out if its really safe and worth taking it. Mainly are pro hormones the best way to go in order to gain mass and weight i have read about people gaining 15 lbs. Also my health is a major concern for me so what kind of side effects are we talking about it i do a PH for a 6 weeks to a month? Also my GF is going away this semester and i know that sex drive can seriously be effected by this so i figure since she is not here this is the perfect time to do this. Another concern is that if i lose sex drive ect. can it be permanent because that is a serious concern for me. Lastly what is the best PH to take for what i am looking for i have heard alot of good things about Havoc. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i appologize if this is just a jumble of questions and information. Also i do plan on talking to my doctor before i take anything. Thanks again.

  2. First you should learn about the enter key on your keyboard. Then you should eat more food. I don't have any experience with a PH but what I will say is sure you might gain 15 lbs. but you could do that just eating more and continuing to work out too.

    Good luck

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