Ultra Recomp + Fat Loss Stack

  1. Question Ultra Recomp + Fat Loss Stack


    This week start with Recreate + PP Green Tea and Wooohoooo OUSTANDING!!!!!!! (not craving for carbs or sugars) so i think maybe to add some AlphaBurn & Lean Xtreme plus Suppress-C...?

    what dou you think guys


  2. SNS TTA + SNS RK + Alpha Burn.

    On it right now, pretty good I must say.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by liquid View Post
    SNS TTA + SNS RK + Alpha Burn.

    On it right now, pretty good I must say.
    /\ i would do this /\

  4. havent tried alpha burn or lean xtreme, but i would really like to see your results.

    Recreate is great for me, gives me a clean energy that feels more like intense focus and a need to get something done rather then the need to get up and run around which ive noticed when taking other fat loss thermo's

    Green tea is always a good choice in my book, but i dont really consider it an effective weight loss tool, but great for its antioxidant and preventitive properties. The fact that it may helps drop fat is a plus

  5. but maybe too can use this stack:

    PP CLA

    (Custom Capsule Blend )
    but i need look for how much caffeine has in it the green tea

    Phoshatidylserine 180mg
    7-Keto-DHEA 100mg
    Green Tea Extract (50% Catechins) 500mg (NOT PP GREEN TEA)
    Rasberry Ketones 300mg

    LG pSARMs

    pSARM (Osthole 90%) 50 mg
    Natural PhytoAndrogens 220mg
    Hibiscus rosa-sinesis
    zingiber officinale
    eurycoma longifolia

    Metabolism Complex 180mg
    Stinging nettle root [standardized]
    ellagic acid standardized [40% from red raspberry]
    yohimbe [standardized for yohimbine]

  6. green tea is always pretty low in caffiene

    but the custom cap looks pretty tight as far as promoting weightloss with the dhea, ive never taken it but ive heard and seen friends get good results

  7. well

    I used 7-oxo in caps and transdermal in the old topical formula of PP Dermatherm and believe me 7-oxo in this form is AWESOME FOR BELLY FAT!!!!!!!!!!


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