My beggining Stack and diet help PIC

  1. My beggining Stack and diet help PIC

    So first i will start with my stats, then diet, then supplements,then goal please critic everything thanks.

    5'9" 183-185 about 15-17% body fat. PIC BELOW

    meal 1. 7 egg whites, 6oz grapefruit juice, 2tbl natty peanut butter
    meal 2. chicken breast, 18 almonds,water
    meal 3. chicken breast either string beans,broccilli,or sweet potatoe 18 almonds
    meal 4. 7 egg whites, 2tbl natty PB
    meal 5. chicken breast, veggies 18 almonds
    meal 6. romaine lettuce(viniegar olive oil), chicken, 18 almonnds

    My supplements can go all over becasue i have soem stuff left over. Here is a list of what i Have let me know what you guys think i should take.
    3. mens one a day muliti oil
    5. amp whey protien

    I was thinking of ditching the creadex and whey and put the asteriod stack with the fish oil,xtend,and mulitivitimin. Do you think with my diet the asteriod stack will work??

    My goal is to be about [email protected]%body fat. I want to keep as much size and if its possible gain size in the arms and chest while cutting down on stomach fat. I think maybe the asteriod stack will do this. I am trying to reach my goal in 3-4 months and then work on a very clean bulk after cutting. My long term goal by next late march is to be about [email protected]% body fat.
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  2. Anyone??

  3. everything looks good, but i would drop one serving of the almonds considering you take the fish oil, and never ever get rid of the WHEY keep it,as for the asteroid stack, it would work great but as of now i wouldnt run it considering your pretty much just starting out, try and concentrate on your diet and your core supps, here is the stack im on and had some awesome results
    Green Tea Extract ecgc
    Creatine mono NEOVAR
    T911 with in one month i have drop about 12lbs of fat and i say gained about 2-5 lbs of muscle.

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