AI Glycobol vs LG Slin

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  1. From neovar? Really?

    I can take like 6-10 of those a day and not go hypo even on keto

  2. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post

    IC. How many g of carb doid u take with 3 pills to make u go hypo?
    Are you talking about when I took it pre-wo? 0g. I used it to aid in lipolysis. - I don't go hypo if I eat within 15mins of taking 2-3 caps. If I take 4 caps, I go hypo regardless of how much I eat. 4 is too strong for me.

  3. Looks like ill have to try thate with 2 glycobol 1 pslin 1 ginseng 300mg extra ala and 400mg bnanaba

  4. I'm trying to figure out how many g carbs a cap can hjandle soo I can dose around it wirth my other supps. Gbol can handle 70 pslin bout 60 ala approx 30 same with ginseng. And the 400mg bamaba can handle bout 70ish as well from what I used

  5. Ive used both and while neither are miracle supps, both are effective. I didnt notice any drastic difference between the two, and the Slin is much cheaper.

    On paper, the glycobol looks superior, but IMO it didnt live up to its price tag (though i got it from a trade, so i didnt mind the price )

    I am also very fond of Anabolic Pump, havent tried their p-slin though

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    From neovar? Really?

    I can take like 6-10 of those a day and not go hypo even on keto
    yeah Neovar is not that strong. I used to drop 4 before bedtime (w/o CHO) to lean me out

  7. I just love the hypo feeling the cold sweats. Makes me know I'm in a good state to do so low intensity cardio and I'm burning some fats

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    CF - you're running some cool natty compounds. Give us a rundown on the what, when & why.
    oh man here it goes.....

    on carb up days.

    i take 300mg ALA with i thinnk its 585mg panax ginseng with 30g carbs (Cream of wheat or quinoa flakes) depletion workout

    then 1 glycobol 15 min before i have a serving of dark matter with extra BCAAs

    immediatly following that i take

    1 pslin, 1 glycobol 1 panax ginseng 300mg ALA i wait about 40 minute and eat 200-300g carbs as i start that meal i have another glycobol and i have 400mg bulk banaba 20% that i sip thruout the meal.

    the panax ginseng takes about 1hr to work and lower blood sugar as shown in some literature i read.

    consistent dosing of ALA shows to lower insulin output by pancrease and increase glut1/4 pathway when dosed continuously throughout the day (up to 2700mg)

    pslin we all know what that does i dont really need to give the run down, same with glycobol.

    i take the glycobol mid meal because i end up eating for quite some time lol and sip the banaba thruout to keep blood sugar low so i dont get that distended stomach

    the chromium i take with my meal because i chew it and it helps insulin do its job.

    blah there done lol

  9. i did the neovar empty stomach and it did it. Maybe its just me or whatever, everyones different especially when it comes to this stuff.
    I wanted to be hooked when Anabolic Pump was out but i never got enough results from any of them to stick with them.


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