1. Vitamins

    Anyone got any ideas on a good all around mulit-vitamin when doing an epi cycle? Plus looking for a list of some basic supps to go along with my cycle. And should a anabolic booster be thrown in there? I'll try to stop with all the Q's. Theres nobody I know that can give me the answers i need.

  2. NOW Adam
    Controlled Labs Orange Triad
    Animal Pak

    Those are a few good ones, but tbh, the best way to go is to select your own vitamins and minerals so you can get them from the optimum sources or proper mineral chelations.

  3. I agree with Flex. All three will serve you well. On cycle I like Pak the best because of the extra Milk Thistle.

  4. would Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men compare the same to those?

  5. all 3 are good and I speak from experience. I am a fan of now adam as it gives you the most cost effective imo
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