Benefit Of Glucosamine Liquid Vitamins For Arthritis

Nothing makes you feel old quite like the onset of arthritis. Painful joints that prevent you playing your favorite sport, taking long walks, or even simply getting out and about, can have a dramatic effect on your life. Taking a regular dose of liquid glucosamine can reduce the pain and swelling linked to arthritis, helping you to remain active and feel youthful and energetic.

Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of your joints which is caused by a reduction in the amount of cartilage that naturally supports and protects them. Arthritis suffers tend to limit their movement to reduce the amount of pain they feel, but this can actually make their condition worse and cause muscle atrophy. For this reason, arthritis treatment focuses on pain control to keep us active and keep our muscles working.

Although one of the benefits of glucosamine is a reduction in the pain of arthritis, it also has properties that can slow the development of the disease. It is a natural derivative of cartilage and is necessary to build healthy joints. There is some evidence that taking a glucosamine supplement orally can help to rebuild cartilage to cushion your joints more effectively.

Taking glucosamine as a liquid vitamin has many advantages. It is easier to swallow than a vitamin pill, tastes batter, and will be absorbed more easily because your body will not need to break down the solid particles of a tablet. Easier absorption means that the effects of the glucosamine will be felt more quickly, bringing more rapid relief from joint pain. Fewer doses are required to achieve the same effect, and liquid vitamin supplements can work out considerably cheaper than their tablet counterparts.

Glucosamine is available in many liquid vitamin supplements such as 'Drinkables Joint Care' and 'Flexicose'. In these liquid supplements glucosamine can be combined with other substances that can contribute to healthy, pain free joints including Chondroitin Sulfate and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Although glucosamine liquid supplements are now widely used, there is little regulation on the advised dose or the purity of the glucosamine in the liquid. As a guide, you should make sure any one dose of liquid glucosamine supplement contains 1500mg of glucosamine. This should be Glucosamine Hydrochloride, rather than Glucosamine Sulfate to get the highest concentration of beneficial glucosamine. If you are unsure which supplement you should choose, you may want to get a recommendation from your doctor.

Having arthritis doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the active way of life you are used to. Taking a regular dose of liquid glucosamine can ensure that arthritis has a very limited impact on your life and you can stay as active as ever. There is even a suitable liquid glucosamine supplement for dogs if you find Rover can't keep up with the new active you!

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By: Rebecca Prescott