Do I really need BCAAs?

  1. Do I really need BCAAs?

    Hi im 17 years old and i workout 5-6 days a week. I take the gold standard whey protein shake which is loaded with glutamine and bcaa's about 24 grams of it in morning with breakfast and about 30gs of it postworkout with creatine. I am wondering if i should be taking more bcaa's or does this whey have enough to satisfy my needs. And whats the best basic Bcaa product to get and when to take it. Thanks

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    Life is a terminal condition.

    She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway.

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    At your age and bodyweight I would have you focus on eating more whole food protein.
    Life is a terminal condition.

    She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway.

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    BCAA's (1 Kilo) Manufactured By: NutraPlanet
    Great product especially for the price.

  5. i eat alot of whole food but im wondering if i need the bcaas if i take 2 protien shakes a day?

  6. you shouldn't need any more than two shakes daily. i'd focus on a bit more whole food for breakfast - shakes with breakfast shouldn't be needed (unless you're in a rush), and save those two shakes for pre and post workout. add in some carbs pre and post workout, and you'll grow like nobodies business. i've had great success with 600 calories pre and post workout in the form of shakes, but as some of the other posters mentioned, whole foods are very important, and should make up the majority of your daily calories.

    i've fallen into the trap of high liquid calories, but i balance that out with equal solid calories. they are not created equal - 2.5k calories of liquid will have you loosing weight within a matter of weeks, whereas 2.5k calories of solid food will have you maintaining that weight. just keep that in mind when you do your shakes.

    between whole milk, my shakes, and half and half, i easily get in 3.5k calories of liquid calories, but again, that doesn't really help you grow, but gives your body a more easily absorbed version of calories it can expend. add in 3.5k calories of solid food to that, and the sky is the limit

    in my opinion of course...


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