I plan on doing my first 3 month cycle of the Asteroid Stack and am going to try out "The Freak" workout plan as well for the first time. Along with the Asteroid Stack I will be taking:

Orange Triads
Nutra Planet Bulk BCAA's
Nutra Planet Bulk Fish Oils
Nutra Planet Bulk Beta-Alanine
ON Gold Whey
ON Cassein
ON Creatine (Creapure)

I currently weigh 175lb. and am 5'10. I know that I have an easy 10-15 lbs that I can loose because it's just fat in general. I would like to be around 180-185 at the end of the 3 month cycle. Along with "the freak" workout plan I will be doing cardio, playing basketball, and some MMA training as well. My question is to get the best results from the supplements and the results that I want should I do a cut diet or a bulk diet? I feel that once I start this cycle and workout plan that the fat I can easily loose will fall off quickly and my weight will drop at the begining. Hence, why I am leaning toward a bulk diet to regain the weight that I lost and turn it into muscle mass. Based on my research of the cycle and the workout I believe a bulk diet plan would give me the optimum results as well.

If anyone has any input on this, if your agreeing with me or not please let me know. I've had a couple set backs I already wanted to start this, but it looks like it won't be till end of August, begining of September.