gift card dilemma

  1. gift card dilemma

    I got a gift card for $20 for my bday. It is for GNC. I don't shop there. I go to vitamin shoppe or buy online. GNC is too expensive.

    If you had this gift card what would you buy with it? I had thought about buying something that I don't use much just to see what it does.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I would go take a look at the clearance table only. If you are lucky you may find things that you really want/need.

  3. you could always just use that 20 pluss 30 or w/e it costs to get a supp you want/need...not worth just throwing away 20bucks ya know?...same here bro, gnc is too expensive

  4. i would get some staple. like multi v, fish oil, or something of that sort.



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