Slim Xtreme with pct

  1. Slim Xtreme with pct

    So i am starting my pct here in a few days, and also wanted to slim doen a bit. Is is ok to take slimx while on my pct? Or would that not be a good idea? For my pct i am taking clomid, caber, dth, and post cycle support.

  2. i would wait for after and concentrate on keeping your gains and getting your libido back, more natty test , but i did take lean xtreme during my last pct and it helped both ways.

  3. jim623
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    Yep, Lean FX or Lean Xtreme would be the way to go. The appetite suppression of SX will make it hard to retain your gains through PCT.

  4. These guys hit the nail on the head.

  5. Not only would Lean FX help you burn more fat, but will also help you maintain your gains from your cycle. Can't beat that



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