ive been on this for a week, just wondering if this is good

12pm wake up and take 40gr protein shake
1:30 pm eat breakfast with 2 x-factor
3:15pm take 25gr protein shake
3:45pm workout
5:15 post workout shake
6:30 lunch with 1 x-factor
9:30 protein shake and nuts
12:30am dinner with 1 x-factor
3:00 pre-bed shake
4am sleep

is there anything you guys would do differently? i work out over 2 hours after my 1st xfactor dose, so i was wondering if i can just take 1 with my am shake and no food and 1 with my pre-workout 25gr shake with no food.

the reason i take 2 with my breakfast is that its my first solid food meal and the closest to my workout.