Best Pre Workout Supplement?

  1. Best Pre Workout Supplement?

    Whats good everybody...Im tryin to see what everyones favorite pre workout supplements are. I'm pretty new to serious weightlifting.. I bought a bottle of Superpump like 3 months ago and it got me hooked Ive been workin out 5 days a week ever since...but as I'm sure you all know that initial rush of Superpump isn't as extreme as it first was so is there any other better pre workout supplement that you all suggest?

  2. jack3d is really good, rpm if you like cap form, and smash is another good prewo.

    but now all i use is xtend with a little aakg in it and its golden

  3. I've had good experience with CL White Flood it gives me good pumps and def is nice on the wallet. My next go round I'm going to use NOS Ether from get Diesel.

  4. I've tried White Flood, Superpump 250, all the Muscletech crap, Animal Pump, Dymatize Xpand. Right now I'm using AEN Pre-surge. It's got Creapure and some other goodies in it that deliver a good sustained energy. No crash afterwards like you get with mega doses of caffeine.

  5. JP8 by Get Diesel. Add in some NOS Ether level 1 and I can actually sip it. It is great bang for ur buck. I don't even use a full scoop.

  6. I just put together my own ****tail...

    60mg 1,3 Dimethyamylamine
    200mg Caffeine
    9mg Alpha-Yohimbine (Alpha-Burn)
    Two baby aspirin for back pain
    and about 600mg sulbutiamine if I have some

  7. Maniac it is cheap and good quality. Good clean energy from it.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  8. Shock Therapy by Universal
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  9. Anadraulic State the one and the only.....

  10. I'm gonna go with Jack3d so far for this one.


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