Omnevol/Arimevol stack-interested?

  1. Omnevol/Arimevol stack-interested?

    anyone interested in an omnevol/arimevol stack? Decided I'm not going to use them.

  2. why not? I recommend you use only arimevol alone is the same compound like Havoc or epistane.

  3. the dosage is very low in my opinion

  4. Well in my experience i only used for 3 weeks and wow up 8 lbs. in this time of muscle and if you combine this with Testevol blow-up you balls
    Since arimevol kill my libido Testevol make me hornier all the time

    again this is my opinion and how work for me all people is different.

    note: until i got 1 box of Arimevol and Testevol maybe run the next year!

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