BCAA from 1fast... good deal?

  1. BCAA from 1fast... good deal?

    Hry guys,

    Looking to purchase some BCAA's and came across a product at 1fast400 for 150 grams for $16.00.

    Seems like a decent deal but my knowledge of BCAA's isn't quite up to par. Anyone care to comment for me?

    Link: http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****372

    Also came across this one: http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****920 thoughts?



  2. DPS has 300 grams for 20.00

  3. thank for that. Trying to keep the number of places I order from... limited


  4. Either way, both are good deals.

  5. blakstars got a kilo for 50$

  6. Protein Customizer has 1 pound for $24.75

    Shipping sucks $9
    Packaging sucks too ... plastic baggie of white powder - had fun with customs on that one.

    But it was still a better deal than the ON BCAA's wherever they are sold ...
    Sounds like Blackstars is probably the way to go. What's shipping like there?

  7. How does one take BCAA? I just bought the powder form, the guy I bought it from said to just put in your mouth and chase it. I tried putting it in water the other day and it didn't absorb to well. Should I throw it in a protein shake or just suck down a teaspoon full and chug some water?

  8. Take it like ICE, before and during workout say 10grams/10 grams

    Mix it with kool-aid and sweetener of your choice

  9. sugar free koolaid or my personal favorite instant green tea

  10. before and during a work out is how most people take it. It you get the power it takes awaile to disolve. You can get one of those premade creatines and mix it in like that and drink it while you are working out.

  11. You can buy BCAA+ from MRM or ICE, both are around 48 bucks for 2.2lbs

  12. MRM...ICE?



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