Long-term storage of supplements

  1. Long-term storage of supplements

    I recently purchased an abundance of supps in anticipation of the ban. I was wandering if anyone has any info on whether storing supps in the freezer would be detrimental to the effects of the pills, or if I should just keep them in a cool dark place?


  2. Nothing against steveoph's method, but.

    I never liked the freezer idea, unless they were to be used directly from freezer.......

    I dont like the idea of thawing and moisture.

    Mine stay in a cool, dark and dry place with a proper desiccant.

    my 2 pennies.

  3. I keep my stock in a cool dry place which is a closet. I also vacuum seal every bottle. You can get one for around $50 and the bags.

  4. Thanks for the input all. I think the vacuum bag idea is great, never thought of that. I have read that freezing can disrupt veggie caps, but I haven't found anything on its actual effects on the pills compostion or effectiveness over time. I know very little about chemistry, so I have no idea if freezing would delay any breakdown in chemicals that may occur or cause harm. Anyone have input on this?



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