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Whether one ends up with DTP or PRIME primarily depends on one's intended goals. Although direct product comparisons frequently provide a useful guide for many, some direct comparisons may be fundamentally flawed. Personally, I do not consider a one-on-one comparison between DTP and PRIME truly meaningful. Why? They are completely different products! Look at each briefly:
Containing testosterone precursors and a variety of related synergistic agents, DTP is primarily designed to boost testosterone levels, and consequently provide a series of related benefits such as estrogen reduction, improved sexual performance, greater aggression, improved pumps, and so on. On the other hand, PRIME is designed to induce significant improvements in body re-composition, yielding dense lean mass and muscle fullness, inducing dramatic increases in strength and endurance, delivering enhanced recovery, and so on, without provoking any direct changes in androgenic profiles.
So, how should we directly and fairly compare the two products? Sounds tough to me. Any either-or-decision cannot be uncoupled from one's primary goal. Considering that they deliver hardly overlapping benefits, budget allowing, it might make sense to stack them; otherwise, they may be used sequentially.
Which means stacking the 2 could be very beneficial. Right now I need something to run between Prime cycles so I am trying DTHC but I may actually want to stack DTP with Prime at a later date.