Whats wrong with iron?

  1. Whats wrong with iron?

    This guy at my gym says i should get a multi without iron. Duno why though. Also why do we need copper, doesnt seem like something to put in the body.

  2. also just checked out centrum cardio ingredients.. Boron Nickel Silicon Tin..all of these sound like they dont belong in the body, whats goin on?

  3. Consider that water flows through rocks and sand and want not. During this passage it naturally accumulates or contains minerals and other interesting things. Iron is thought to counteract some vitamins and minerals i think (not sure) and some higher dosages of iron can cause liver damage and blood infections (300mg and over).

    We ingest silver, gold, copper and many other metals.

  4. Chicken and Beef have a good amount of iron in them, so most bodybuilders already get plenty of iron. If you supplement more iron on top of that, you risk getting toxic levels of iron in your system, which can damage all kinds of tissues (liver, muscle, gonads).

  5. I had always heard that iron competes for absorbtion in the body with the other vitamins & minerals in the multi and is counterproductive to take with them.

  6. I believe that many men already get adequate amounts of iron and it stays in the blood and too much can cause toxicity. The reason its in women's multis is because they lose a fair amount during their periods. This is also the same reason they give you iron pills after you give blood

  7. good info everyone... i always wondered about the toxicity issue with iron.

  8. I think it can stop you up.

    Or Im completely wrong and thinking of something else =]

  9. i wish i had a period then



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