Newbie to board needs advise.

  1. Newbie to board needs advise.

    I'm 39 years old 5'10 and 166 pounds low BF. I have working out on and off my entire life. Been back at 3 years hard. I lift 3 days a week supersets. I run 2 times a week, swim 1 day and bike 1 day. I take one day off a week to rest. My diet is very good. I take multi vit, fish oil, creatine, glutamine, and coulpe protien shakes a day. I want same as everyone else bigger, stonger and faster? I was thinking a natural test booster but don't kown what? I don't want to do anything I have worry about side effects. The guy at GNC recommend Prime?

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    Two top notch AI's are Hyperdrol X2 and Novedex.
    The 6-bromo in HX2 is at the top of the charts as for as OTC test boosters.
    It can be run up to 12 weeks with no side effects.

    You may also want to look into adding MassFX to one of the above mentioned AI's. MFX was designed to go hand in hand with HX2. It's primary goal is to free up bonded testosterone enabling it to be used to build muscle. It's like an anabolic symphany.

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