Looking 4 Crash Course on Supplements

  1. Looking 4 Crash Course on Supplements

    Never got into em or really thought about using them till lately. I've always worked out and just ate normally pretty much. I'm in no means big but i've always been able to lift decently for what i've put into working out imo. Now i'm trying to eat more healthy and start getting into better shape not looking to win a contest just trying to lose about 30 lbs & build some muscle

    Im pretty good with working out & using weights and stuff but i am epic fail when it comes to dieting / supplements & knowing when to eat / not to eat or take supplements.

    I work 5 10's doing construction laborer outside, trying to find some help finding a diet type program to eat while at work and hit the gym afterwords. So pretty much just trying to see what i should take things or when i shouldnt to get best results

    Little help much appreciated,

  2. That's a very generalized question.

    Start with your diet. If you want to lean out cut out all the junk food, fast food, dessert, excess beer, excess carbs etc. Want to lose weight? Control yourself.

    your probably not getting enough protein. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. you want to aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. For you we will estimate 150 grams of protein. A little on the high side is a plus. To achieve this and not break the bank you will need to invest in some whey protein isolate. I suggest Isopure it includes other key ingredients such as Leucine, Iso Leucine, Valine, and Glutamine. Other more cost conscious options include ON whey, ISS Research Whey.

    As far as losing weight I recommend HIIT. Do a search on here for more info about it. As far as supplements I would straighten out my diet first. Then look into a pwo supplement like MRI's Black Powder, NO shotgun etc. These are arginine (more blood flow/natural test booster) and creatine (creates additional atp) mixes. Diet and HIIT cardio first. First purchase: whey protein isolate.

  3. If you are looking for diet info there is a diet section of this forum as well

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