Stevia Extract powder question

  1. Stevia Extract powder question

    I usually sprinkle Splenda on foods to sweeten them a bit without adding calories. With all this talk about it not being all that its cracked up to be, and the introduction of Stevia, I have been thinking of switching. The trouble is that its so strong! How do I sprinkle it over a piece of toast with natty P-butter? So I was thinking....

    Could I dissolve some of it in something like alcohol (everclear?) and put it in a spray bottle to spray it on my food? I was thinking water...but afraid it would go bad sitting on my counter. Any other ideas?


  2. Dissolve it in water. Keep it in the fridge. Spraying everclear on your PB just doesn't taste the same Seal it, and put boiling water in the bottle first to sterilize and it should last.

  3. NOW Foods does a stevia extract powder, and they also do a liquid form which is a little more expensive but it has the Stevia extract in alcohol with a natural flavour like Chocolate in it also.

    Ive been using Stevia for almost 2 years daily now, as opposed to crap like Sucralose and Acesuflame-k and Aspartame, and yeh your right, they're not at all what there cracked up to be. The sooner the bodybuilding companys realize this and make the switch, the better it will be for all of our health.

    All the best.

  4. NOW foods makes the best stevia on the market. It is the most potent and you need very little to sweeten compared to truvia or stevia in the raw. A quarter teaspoon of now stevia = 2-3 packets of those other brands. They sell a small bottle but it's worth every penny.
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