creatine hydrochloride? what?

  1. creatine hydrochloride? what?

    A co-worker of my wife has begun a workout program and went to GNC. I think he knows better now.

    Anyway, I helping him out and he sent me what he is taking.

    Now, I don't read the mags anymore, but do read these forums. I thought I had a desent idea of most things, or at least heard of it. I have never heard of creatine hydrochloride. I know there have been several forms of creatine but none like monohydrate. The ad for the product with creatine hydrochloride had my BS detector going.

    But I can't find anyone I trust to give me a wussup. You guys are the smartest and most well informed group I know of so can someone help me help him? I want to say it's crap but need something other than my ignorant opinion which is based mainly off other products with similar claims.

    Can anyone offer me some information on this?

    Thanks guys.

  2. After looking around the web for hours and seeing several threads asking what it was and discovering it seems to be this one product that contains it, I feel reasonably safe to say it is just another fancy name for CEE. It seems they did the chemical name switcharoo trick. They called a turd by the name of poo and said it smelled better than roses....but it was still a turd with a different name.

    If there is a different opinion, I am still open to it, otherwise I'll leave this here is case anyone searches in the future.


  3. just tell ur friend to return it and pick up some creatine mono from NP for 3 dollars...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JaredGalloway View Post
    just tell ur friend to return it and pick up some creatine mono from NP for 3 dollars...
    I did.

  5. CreapureŽ (Ultra Pure Creatine Monohydrate)=THE BEST

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    CreapureŽ (Ultra Pure Creatine Monohydrate)=THE BEST
    LOL...I told him that too!

    You guys are reading my mind!!!


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