Creatine for wrestlers?

  1. Creatine for wrestlers?

    I am a wrestler and was wondering if creatine is right for me. I wrestle year round and get done at the end of july. I am in the weight room every day in july august september and october. I wrestled 141 and plan to wrestle 174 this next year. I was wondering if creatine is a good choice. I heard it stuffs your arms full of water and I wrestle long gruling practices and have to make 5% body fat for season. I weigh 180 right now and walk around at 10% body fat. I was wondering if losing weight like sweating 8-10 pounds off a practice like I usually do would just shrink my muscles majorly from taking creatine.

  2. your muscles shouldn't shrink while on creatine. if you are trying to cut down for season, creatine may not be the best choice, especially if you "sweat out" before weighing in (God that's terrible for you). You don't want to dehydrate yourself that badly. Its just plain dangerous. Adjust your weight with your diet. If you want to drop weight, keep your water intake constant, increase protien intake, and move your diet into a safe caloric deficit. you may loose a tad bit of muscle mass, but you'll cut body fat as well. Supplement your protein intake and workouts with BCAAs. As hard as it may be, eat as cleanly as possible. Eating sh*t foods will only counteract what you're trying to do.

  3. I am a wrestler as well, Instead of sweating out, I would just carry a gatorade bottle with me and spit in it while chewing gum all day before the meet. I would definitely carry some BCAA on you and down it post weigh-in. If you muscle are shrinking you are not cutting right, I used to drop ~20 lbs for on season versus my off season weight and I have never lost much size.

  4. If you are worried about your weight then you might want to watch out. Creatine causes you to gain some water weight .. a few pounds. When I cycle onto it I end up gaining more like 2-5lbs ussually. I tried to take creatine while playing football, but the heat and all the sweating was to much for me. I would dehydrate just like that ... and didn't want to risk not keeping enough water in me while on creatine.

  5. i don't think its going to be effective for you if you're watching your weight. maybe beta alanine would make more sense for you.

  6. Ya I would say Beta Alanine and BCAAs since u will be fairly low on calories. I remember when I wrestled I COULDNT eat or else I would feel ill at practice.


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