BASTARDS!!! Where's the UA??

  1. BASTARDS!!! Where's the UA??

    I'm pissed..

    Anybody know anyplace to get some good UA?

    Us bodybuilders are almost as bad as crack addicts.. lol

  2. vials and crimpers man powder for 1$ a gram

  3. Quote Originally Posted by maggmaster
    vials and crimpers man powder for 1$ a gram
    is is suitable for human consumption?

  4. well they tell you not to but doesnt everyone?
    ive used it and Im alive

  5. They have 500mg tabs for like 60 cents each. Its worth a few extra bucks to have a tab vs powder.

  6. Don't forget the board sponsors...


  7. Chemo - Wasn't aware PN carried UA, if that's what you're saying.

  8. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a UA? I probably know this, but just had a huge brain fart.

  9. Usnic Acid
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  10. I can't find UA on PN's site. I know they carried it about a year ago, but I thought they stopped when UCP-1 came out.

  11. I have a couple bottles of UCP-1 unopened, PM me if your interested

  12. was ucp-1 really that effective or are you beter off getting the raw powder?


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