Any Supplements am i missing for awesome gains?

  1. Any Supplements am i missing for awesome gains?

    Here is the list of Supplements i take and i was wondering if i was missing any supplements that can really help my muscles grow and recover that much faster.

    Multivitamin (one in the morning and one before i go to sleep)
    Whey (about 30gs post workout, 20gs in the morning)
    N.O. Supplement (currently off due to caffiene tolerance to it)
    Creatine Mono (5 grams post workout)
    Omega 3-6-9 Oils (about 2 pills before i go to sleep)

    this isnt a weight gaining question, its just any other supplement that you think i could add to my arsenal.

  2. anabolic pump. Its kinda of pricey to run regularly, at least i cant afford it, but i love the product and would if i could

  3. I'd throw in some BCAA's it is a staple for me.

  4. What are the ingredients in your omega blend?

  5. good post man ive been lookin for some similar info

  6. Awesome gains????

    ALRI - Jungle Warfare
    AI - Glycobol

    List goes on..


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