How much 6-bromo in ALRI Restore?

  1. How much 6-bromo in ALRI Restore?

    Anyone know how much 6-bromo is actually in ALRI Restore? The recommended dose is 3 caps/day of 175 mgs of the "proprietary blend". So how much 6-bromo is in 525 mgs of this blend? I really hate when supp companies won't break down the doses of the individual compounds. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Bump, wondering this as well...

  3. Do some searching on google about it, I have seen mixed reviews about this product, some say bad things...I am staying away from it, unless someone posts something amazing about it that I should know about

  4. Used ALRI Restore earlier this year in February, i've ran other AI cycles before so Ill tell you what I thought of it ...

    Didn't notice much in terms of strength, or Fat Loss for that matter .... I noticed very noticable leaning out and slightly better workouts from Using Cissus-Drol couple of months after I took Restore...

    Anyway thats just my experience. Maybe someone else with their experience can share something

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