Beta-Alanine ???

  1. Beta-Alanine ???

    What brand if any is the best? And I weight 175lbs how much should I intake daily?

  2. Just get some good old NutraPlanet beta al.

  3. Agreed. Bulk BA at NP can't be beat.
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  4. Like the guys above, I also use NP bulk beta alanine, is good

  5. Primaforce or Nutra is good.

  6. Studies suggest around 3000mg daily, in multiple servings... good to take one pre-workout.


  7. The only one i've used is NP's because it works and it's cheap.

    Regarding dosing I found it best to have 2-3 grams a few times a day with pre and post workout being 2 of those times.

    I also found Citrulline Malate to combine extremely well with BA.


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