Lean Xtreme 2.0/PowerFULL stack -- P.M. Dosing

  1. Lean Xtreme 2.0/PowerFULL stack -- P.M. Dosing

    Wondering if Lean Xtreme and PowerFull will be ok to take together? I am only taking the Lean Xtreme 2x daily, once in the a.m. and once before bed. I will be taking 2 caps of PowerFull before bed and pre-workout.


  2. bump for more info

  3. Well according to lean xtreme dosing instructions Its best to take one upon waking and one four hours later if your only dosing it 2 a day id follow this. What is your reasoning for dosing at bed?

  4. i stare at a computer screen for an hour before bed, i'm sure it's messing with my cortisol/melatonin levels. i wake up in the middle of night a few times and get racing heart beats before i fall asleep. thought lowering my cortisol might help.

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