Protein Factory?

  1. Protein Factory?

    Anybody use their protein, is it good?

  2. I have wanted to try them but True Protein is 1 day away with UPS, so why wait. They do have some interesting proteins and custom blends too.
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  3. I have used Protein Factory protein many times very good quality I do recommend their
    protein and their carb called oatmuscle.

  4. I still can't quite figure out why they are hated on so much, but yeah top notch supps especially their protein.

  5. I have recently tried their product. I believe that it worked out to be a better deal for me, as shipping was low due to my location, and the cost for a similar product over the counter would have been much higher. The one negative however is the taste. The product I recieved was not too appetizing, however, with a slight adjustment (1 teaspoon unsweetened non dutched cocoa, and 1 teaspoon of Agave nectar) per serving, it is now delicious. At this point the jury is still out, but I have no complaints and when I finish I will probably use them again.

  6. Recommend True protein.

  7. I've used both True Protein and Protein Factory and feel they're both great places.

  8. I've used true protein for a couple months, but was interested in PF because of their Hydro whey(the price to) and after ordering it read some controversial threads about PF thx for the reply's.

  9. Protein Factory is pretty sweet, they are always running nice specials like 19.99 for 5lbs of whey isolate vanilla. THATS AWESOME!
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