best way to dose alpha lipoic acid

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    best way to dose alpha lipoic acid

    What is the best way to dose alpha lipoic acid some say take it 15 min before
    a high carb protein meal or shake and some say take with the meal or shake.
    Also what is the best brand to use and form to use I have been looking at a few brands Primaforce, Syntrex, Now foods, and San but if someone knows
    a better brand and form please let me know and thank you for any responces.

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    I usually take it pre meal either right before or a few minutes before. NA-RALA is a much better bioavailable form of ala.

    For the brands that you listed, primaforce and NOW have always had quality products.
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    supposedly the best way to take it is with ALCAR as well, there is supposed to be a synergistic effect when combined.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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