Creatine Mono.

  1. Creatine Mono.

    I havent taking creatine in years and I need to get some monohydrate. Anyone have some input on whats good out there?

  2. any mono will do

  3. Think I will go with the bulk nutraplanet monohydrate.

  4. Personally I like Kre-Alkylyn, I get bloated and retain tons of water on mono, makes me feel crappy too. You might want to try it, some people seem to respond better than others but if mono works for you then I would go with it.

  5. Honestly, don't get the Nutra bulk Mono.. I got 4 tubs and it mixes really poorly, they are still sitting in my closet. It's chinese creatine so impurities are big possibilities also. FYI I felt like crap usually after taking a dose UNLESS I mixed it in a blender, but even still...

    I got ultimate Nutrition's Mono, which is good.. since creatine is so cheap, just pay the 20$ for the 1000g tub.

    Primordial Performance's creatine looks to be very good and very cheap as well. It's creapure which is the best.

  6. Look for Creapure, or "mincronized" creatine mono.

  7. I was gonna get so creatine mono from nutraplanet. Is the general consensus that I shouldn't? Also, should I still be worried about chinese supplements even when the website has a sertificate of analysis?

  8. I'm comming off a cycle so from information I have seen mono will help keep gains thru put. Other than that I used to take cee


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