I started this last year with 2 caps stim x for softball.

This year I modified it to 1 capsule Slim Xtreme with 2 capsules Phenibut.


I do this for softball, for the league I am in. Man does it make the games diff. Last few games I literally sucked from lack of motivation and energy(depressed, car is getting repo'd any day now, etc)

Today about an hour before I took 1 slim x, with 2 phenibut. Now I praised AX last year, I must again because SX is straight amazing and even better than stim x was. Seeing how it is actually supposed to be based off the original stim x formula lol.

Any rate playing second base, definitely had wheels on even though I shoulda been limping thanks to my right leg being inflamed from tendinitis.

Great game, we won, was fun as hell, and I felt/feel great still.

So just letting you know. Great combo to try.

I will be taking the phenibut a bit earlier next time. Since it does take abotu 2-3 hours to really kick in for me at 1g (2 caps) and the SX kicks in at about 1.5 hours.

Its a winning combo! AX's SX and I use SNS's Phenibut XT