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  1. symmetry x

    is there anything similar to symmetry x around?

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    is there anything similar to symmetry x around?

    I remember Symmetry X. Isn't it a standardized cissus extract for a certain ketosterone content?

  3. yes i think so it also had somthing else in it but i cant remember what.
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  4. got this from usplabs thread

    USPlabs Symmetry X
    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings Per Symmetry X Container:65

    Amount Per Serving:
    Active Ingredients Per Serving: 1200mg
    -Thadigaddalu 600mg
    -HYDOXL4 600mg

    Other Ingredients:
    Gelatin, cellulose.

    Take 2 Symmetry X capsules with breakfast and 4 Symmetry X capsules 30 minutes before your workout. On non workout days divide 6 Symmetry X capsules evenly throughout the day.

    What is Symmetry?

    The first ingredient is Hydroxl4. Hydroxyl4 is a specialized extract of Cissus Quadrangularis. With extensive real world, university (India) research, and lots of research money, we extracted then concentrated 4 highly active Hrdroxyl keto sterones from cissus Quadrangularis for its pure anabolic nature.

    Thadigaddalu is the second ingredient. The beauty our research team in India that can research with the locals on old tribal remedies. Thadigaddalu is a root used by a village in India for over 100 years to treat hormone imbalances like infertility and lack of sex drive. Thadigaddalu is said to balance and prime all hormones in the body to work much more efficiently especially during times of stress. Thadigaddalu is an adaptagen that works through hormone signaling! Basically it will supercharge your hormone system Naturally!

    Does symmetry cause inhibition?


    Is symmetry Herbal?
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