1. Agmatine?

    Looks great on paper, but is vastly more expensive than it's lesser cousin, AAKG. Is it worth shelling out the extra cash for? Any feedback would be very helpful.

  2. No. I used Blueprint. As much as I LOVE MAN products, this one bombed. Avoid.

  3. I have mixed feelings on this..

    Deeper sleep yes, when I was cutting.. I felt like my strength was increasing...

    Ive taken it on a bulk and It's been ok, like some people have said.. you can't notice it much, but Blueprint has the extra R-ALA... and I take mine pre work-out.

  4. I read about this stuff in 2002, and they said it was the next big thing. It had seven years to become a big thing.

  5. true, i'm scrapping it. comes out to a dollar/day, doesnt sound worth it atm.

  6. relaxes me. Anxiolytic. Worth every penny for me. Taking it in DominATP.

  7. I used nutra's bulk agmatine before. I def noticed improved vascularity. For me, though, this did not justify the 1 dollar a serving cost.

  8. Definitely worth it. Better pumps and vascularity for sure, well being, and anti-pain effects.


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