Newbie looking for help/advise

  1. Newbie looking for help/advise

    Hey all, I wanted to see if you guys can give me some "helpful" advise.
    I will be turning 40 this Oct. And would like to shed some lbs. and add some strength/size. Currently I am 5'10" , 210 lbs. not sure of BF% but would bet its up there. 20 yrs ago did "all the cycles" and still actually can get decent pumps on my occasional workouts. Diet and "supplement" help will be appretiated.
    Also I am planning on working out 3 days a week and cardio the other 3 days with one day off.
    Let me know what you guys think.

  2. to get lean i always use the tried and true high protein/low-moderate carbs method- most carbs early in the day (oatmeal and whey in the morning after a fasted cardio session is good)- eat alot of tuna and chicken breast and dark greens.

    the cardio is obviously important, but the weight training is extremely important too. you need to build that muscle, because your muscles are the furnace to burn that stubborn fat and calories.

    i'm preaching a bit and you might already know this, but hey... here it is.

    and for supps- i recommend the basics 1st- mulitvit, whey protein, fish oil, sesamin... and maybe some joint formula or cissus for us older dudes...

  3. I tend to agree with the diet advice from capn. It sounds like you haven't been working out consistently, so I wouldn't worry as much about "supplements" until diet and training are solid. I was similar to you in that I did AAS cycles 24 years ago to compete, and haven't used anything since then - until now. I did a fair amount of research, and I settled on Epistane for my first PH. I do recommend that you try natural test boosters first to see if they work for you. I did not really respond to them, mainly because my free test is still pretty high. I also do not respond to creatine or NO. If you read some of the "35 and older" forum, you will see some of the supplements that are working for us older guys. Dream Weaver seems to have great results from test boosters such as Prime, and many also like formestane. I am just starting to check out Formex (oral formestane), and there is a lot of positive information on that around the forums as well. I just keep reading, seeing what is working for others.

    Good luck, and welcome back to serious training.

  4. Thanks guys! I am putting together my diet plan right now and will look into the natural test boosters to start off with. I will also do alot of reading in the 35+ forum!
    Thanks again

  5. Prime isn't a test booster or hormonal product. Just puttin that out there for OP.

  6. If you are going to make a correction, please start by making sure that you are correct. Prime by UPS Labs contains Tribulus Aquaticus, which is and always will be a natural testosterone booster. And I only said it was a test booster, not a PH. My guess is that, since he is trying to learn, aboveall likely already read the label...

  7. I am 50 and just ran Prime for the first time and it flat out works. Get your workout and diet going consistently for a period of time and then start trying out supplements. Capns has solid advice there for you. Stick to the basics and build from there.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MEPSE View Post
    If you are going to make a correction, please start by making sure that you are correct. Prime by UPS Labs contains Tribulus Aquaticus, which is and always will be a natural testosterone booster. And I only said it was a test booster, not a PH. My guess is that, since he is trying to learn, aboveall likely already read the label...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Without revealing specific identities, our Beta blood tests revealed some hypogonadal testers! As Testosterone was not effected even in these individuals, we postulate it is highly unlike PRIME is affecting any endocrine function. That being said, adaptagenic action can be very prominent - imparting elevated mood and confidence at the PFC, rather than via hormones!

    Directly from a USP Labs rep. It is not a test booster. TT has been show in multiple studies NOT to raise blood serum levels of test. I've ran several bottles of Prime. It is not a test booster and it is non-hormonal. i am correct. While TT MAY slightly increase LH, it has not been shown to increase serum test.

    or you can go by this:

    Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    Before the rumor is rampant, I like to squash the Talk at the roots.

    PRIME does not increase endogenous testosterone. PRIME is not a Test booster. Prime does not boost testosterone. PriME does not increase FREE testosterone.

    Prime is a NEW category of Anabolic yet to be witnessed in the supplement industry...Think Desinger Anabolics without suppression and 100% natural.

  9. If the Tribulus isn't causing increases in Prime, then I'm not sure what is. That is the main ingredient, and more than a few people swear by it. You will notice that they are older (see above and DreamWeaver for examples), so this makes perfect sense. I have read several studies that show that Tribulus does boost test in older males or those with low free test levels. The study you quote may not have included anyone with naturally low test levels, which would make it pretty useless in my view. I still say that Prime and others are natural test boosters, and this plenty of living proof for it. Either way, I don't have a dog in the fight, and I just call it as I see it. Show me a study (or several would be better) that specifically test older guys with low test levels where the conclusion is that it doesn't work. Then I'll be a believer that Tribulus is not a natural test booster...

  10. Trib was orginally taken as an aphrodisiac not a test booster. I generally don't believe that trib is a test booster from the studies I've seen. There is a huge debate about this and there seems there always will be. Having taken multiple bottles of Prime I can testify to its effects which are: strength increase, increased appetite due to the terminalia chebula, great adaptagen qualities, slight increase in aggression, gain in mass faster than usual (for me) with proper diet.

  11. So what in Prime does this? I would think that if term chebula was doing everything, you would see it in more products. I am definitely not saying that trib works for everyone, and I am a firm believer that it does nothing for someone with normal free test levels. Any way you look at it, everyone has an opinion, and the bottom line is you have to see what works for you. If you and others get something from Prime, and one of the main ingredients is aquatic trib, I don't know how you reach any other conclusion. I am 45, and trib does not work for me so far as my test levels are still high. I'll keep reading tribulus reports to see if any were completed on older males with low test levels.

  12. It would be an interesting study. I'm completely open for someone to prove that it does because everyone would at least have a definite answer on the subject not mixed views.

  13. alright then i was under the impression that Prime was a test booster..I am currently using the asteroid stack... What EXCATLY is PRIME suppossed to do for me then??? How does that help with me gains? Also can I take a test booster with this?? how about stacking asteroid with novadex xt?


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