P-mag/ Cycle Assist

  1. P-mag/ Cycle Assist

    just ordered a months supply of P-Mag along with cycle assist. I am looking to put on some mass.
    What do you guys think of this stack?

    I also ordered stoked/ glycobol/ lean xtreme/ and activate xtreme for pct.

    How should i dose the P-Mag/ cycle assist?

  2. you should have purchased a stronger hormone...p mag is weak in my opinion, 50mg did nothing for me.....nothing!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by searl12 View Post
    you should have purchased a stronger hormone...p mag is weak in my opinion, 50mg did nothing for me.....nothing!
    this is my first hormone cycle so i figured i would use this.. wat else would you duggest?

  4. if its your first then this ones fine BUUUTTTT if your 130lbs....your problem isnt enough hormones....your problem is your diet and training...everyone on this site will say the same thing to you.

    You have a ton more natural progress you can make...I am sorry but theres no reason in hell for you at 130lbs to be using a designer steroid.

    .02 get some creatine monohydrate and follow a bulking diet.

    Pmag wont do anything for you at your stats.

  5. very true, im trying to eat better do i'll see how this works out. Also, not to sound like a retard, but is this legal?

  6. pro magnon is legal in the US...somehow? superdrol,pheraplex.h drol, epistane,extreme tren,bold,etc etc there all legal....for now....

  7. aha exactly what i was thinkin.. thanks.those stats were like 5 months sgo. im 5'5 or 6 at 134.. what weight should i ve at before taking hormones and which would you suggest?

  8. first off im glad your open to the constructive criticism ...its nothing personal...there is no real set weight to be honest, but you should have a few years training naturally behind you, you can use supplements along the way to help (creatine is the best) from there you simply follow a bulking diet and do alot of compound movemant (squats, deadlifts,clean and jerk,bench press, etc.)

    your diet and training are 85-90& of the equation, supplements and hormones make up so little its not even funny.

    I guarantee if you get some creapure...a respectable weight gainer and follow the gameplan you will gain a ton in th enext 6 months....jesus im jealous of how many gains your gonna make.

    Remember if your new....the gains will come fast and furious if your eating and training hard.

    Give it a try man, at least for 3 months...at least then you will have more of a base to build off when you finally do use the promagnon.

    If you dont have any muscle to begin with....pro magnon wont change that....if you have a strong base...p mag will be the icing on the cake.

    Im sure you understand,and I hope I helped, others might rip you to pieces for your post....dont let them get you down, we hear this question all the time from people who might not be ready.

    Go check out the diet/bulking section of the forum and go from there, if you need more help let me know man.

    and again nothing personal at all man, just dont want to see you get hurt...or discouraged because the hormone game doesnt work for you.

  9. alright aha thanks man. much appreciated.

  10. Wow u got off easy Mike and came away with some good advice. Good luck.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Wow u got off easy Mike and came away with some good advice. Good luck.
    hahaha, i thought about it man...I really did! but hes got a head on his shoulders so I spared him.

    I wish there were more guys like him, sometimes we dont always like what we hear, its part of growing up though.



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