Suggest a new pre-workout for me

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    INCORRECT, you are sir LOL. It works differently, let me know if interested, I will give you a rundown.
    Yessir, break it down for me please.

  2. Ragnarok i love man. Jacked is tough to beat for a pure energy rush and the price. but overall i enjoyed ragnarok. lots of goodies in that one.

  3. I like the ingredient profile of ragnarok. Nice bit of creatine and nitric oxide precursors.

  4. i did not see it mentioned above, but maybe andraulic state by LG sciences? Before I started jack3d was reading up on it. Some people seem to have couple of small sides from it but nothing big. Check it looks promising.

  5. Maniac or the new Mesomorph that will be out shortly!

  6. ditto Maniac!

  7. Also ditto on the Maniac good clean energy and it is very cost effective.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  8. Ok, so between these three:

    -DominATP (add my own caffeine)

    Which one? This is what I've narrowed it down to and will be ordering on friday from NP.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gibsonj4 View Post
    Ok, so between these three:

    -DominATP (add my own caffeine)

    Which one? This is what I've narrowed it down to and will be ordering on friday from NP.
    Based on price, Maniac. I doubt anything tastes better than Ragnarok, it's truly delicious, and its ingredient profile is outstanding. DominATP has large doses in a non-proprietary formula (as does Nos Ether level 1). You can't beat huge doses of creatine, beta alanine, and citrulline for performance.

    Tough choice! I say Cre02 and RPM.

  10. I did forget to post I want a powder form and I did forget to mention NOS Ether in that group I've narrowed down.

  11. I did use Nos Ether Level 1. It's killer, but tastes pretty bad. Well, it's not awful, but after a month of downing mega-sour atomic lemon bombs...

  12. DominATP comes with a free bottle of Refresh - rating it pretty high atm

  13. Me personally waiting for Ultima that will be the real deal when it comes out nursing my Shock Therapy till it releases.

  14. BTW I've been doing a log and dieting hardcore and I'm up 14lbs in 3.5 weeks with my supplements. Just very happy about this haha

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    Second that! I'm taking it right now and lovin' it. I also took jack3d and would recommend it to anyone, just be careful. The scoops look small, but they are POTENT!
    EatTrainSleepEatTrainSleepEatT rainSleepEatTrainSleepEatTrain SleepEatTrainSleepEatTrainSlee pEatTrainSleepEatTrainSleepEat TrainSleepEatTrainSleepEatTrai nSleepEatTrainSleep


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