Banned substances in olympics...

  1. Banned substances in olympics...

    I need to know if any of the ingredients in SWOLE V2 are banned substances for the 2004 summer olympics. I am pretty sure that creatine is not banned, just want to be certain about that and I need to be sure about the other ingredients in SWOLE V2. This is a list of them:
    tuarine, betaine anhydrous, glucuronolactone, glycocyamine, guanidinopropionic acid.

    I am having trouble finding a complete list of substances, only headings for the types of banned substances. I would appreciate any help on this matter.

  2. u compete in the olympics?

  3. my brother is.

  4. anybody? anybody?

  5. I highly doubt it, but thats just a guess. Ive never even seen the list. Im sure if your bro is going to compete than someone he knows should be able to get their hands on such a list. I dont think they even have tests for said supplements.

  6. Try this from the Anti Doping Agency, which is the IOC's deal:

  7. I dont doubt it the olympic ban list is huge and stupidly complete. Creatine isnt on it but I wouldnt be surprised if some of its substrates were.

  8. you cannot drink water, or consume calories, as these increase your performance potential unfairly, as it is highly possible that others do not possess equally significant and usable amounts of knowledge in the area.

  9. The list is long and a lot of Bulll****, I was a alternate for judo two olympic seasons ago. It is crazy how much ****, that you can't take. I can track down the list.

  10. Hell, they just took caffeine off of the banned list this year.

  11. Oh someone else already posted it.


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