nutraplanet ATD

  1. nutraplanet ATD

    is this a good estrogen blocker
    im looking for something cheap and effective to stack with Divanex

  2. unless u already have it or are getting it from some1 its out of stock permanently

  3. o really whys it out of stock perminitly and what about inhibit E hows that product or rebound XT
    and i appreciate you answering me thanks

  4. well ATD got banned so there was a HUGE rush on NP to buy it all b4 it was too late.
    Its fairly popular. I would say check out stoked or t-911.

  5. thnks i was just looking for a cheap estrogen blocker because iv read that you u need to take one with Divanex but do you know how inhibit e is and if thats no good then ill probably just go with novedex xt

  6. also why was atd banned ?

  7. Man it is the FDA. You can buy steroids but can't have cheap OTC pct so when dumb people don't do their research they can't even have a remote chance at a pct(even though a pct would consist of stuff other than just ATD).

    Well the inhibit-e is $20 and is 75 ran at 3 caps a day. so good for 25 days.

    T-911 is $30 and is 75 ran at 2 a day. so good for 38 days.

    So I would base your choice on how long u r going to be taking the Divanex.

  8. ok thanks for the info im probly going to go with novedex xt and then run Divanex at 2 pills a day

  9. I didn't know ATD was banned... I'm out of the loop.

  10. iv been researching estrogen blockers and i was wondering if stacking Androstenetrione Powder(6oxo) with divinex would be a good stack


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