Okay i used to do this method when I trained Max-ot for about 3-4 years and I got it from ast

the theory is if you load with creatine 3-4 days a week you give your creatine receptors a break and super saturate them. this has worked for me. when i first started bodybuilding I was 175 and in two weeks of the loading I was 185. Im a creatine responder and have been in the past.

It does tend to give you a bit more bloat that is why I m recommending this method in the offseason

so this is what I am doing right now

creatine days 1-4 25-30 grams a day(basically 5 grams with every meal)

then I might do this the next week, especially at the beginning

then I calibrate and maybe Ill skip a week of loading and use no creatine and maybe not..(you be the judge if you need it or not that week)

I have had tremendous results with this method for 3-4 years opf continuely doing it and everytime I go up at least five pounds.

Now pre-contest is a different story I just use it either before , intra or after trainign and take in like five grams on training days

hope you can benefit from this because I sure have

and take breaks from creatine whenever you want. some people cycle it some do not. its a personal choice.

I personally cycle it at times because creatine stores can get built up and not even use it for a month and you still have all the benefits. then when you do go back on you gain some weight.

Its the perfect natural anabolic hands down in my expirience

(beta alanine seems to have been good to me as well for strength)