I need help with info. on this Americell Cycle

  1. I need help with info. on this Americell Cycle

    I am planning on doing this cycle for the first time and was wondering if I needed anything else besides what it comes with. I don't really use any type of supplements besides a multi-vitamin, noShotgun, and a protein shake. With the cycle I plan on taking should I continue to take what I already am? Also, should I add anything else to it, to see maximum gains? How often should I cycle on and off of this, and is there anything important I should take when I am not taking this?

    The cycle I am purchasing:

    The "CLASSIC" Stack

    MASS Xtreme, TREN Xtreme and ESTRO Xtreme
    EFA-952 Xtreme, LIVR Xtreme

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Wudog View Post
    Also, should I add anything else to it
    a dialysis machine and a spare liver?

    You realize those are actual steroids, and americell labs was raided by the FBI for there being additional steroidal ingredients not disclosed on the label in the pills? If all you've used so far is a multi-vitamin, noShotgun, and protein shakes there are many other things you can try first before something like this

  3. yes I am aware of what they actually contain, I have taken all kind of things in the past, so it's not like it's totally new to me...just what I'm taking now is low end.

  4. Are you actually aware of what they contain? because seems like both Mass + Tren Xtreme also includes Madol/DMT, and god knows what else


    so if you want to do a superdrol / prodienelone cycle thats cool and all, but overpaying for something that you don't know whats in the bottle isn't the greatest idea either.

  5. i agree with easy on this one... its all fine to do a cycle at least do it properly...

    i didnt see where they mentioned madol, dmt were not listed... personally ive always liked DMT haha...



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