shelf life??

  1. shelf life??

    I have some green magnitude that ive had for like the past year or more sittin in my room, i have been staying away from supps, but feel like im ready to get back into some creatine action.. do u think it wil still be effective seeing as how its been laying around for so long? like does this stuff go bad or anything?

  2. There should be an expiration on it I would imagine. As long as the container remained close and didn't come into contact w/ any extreme heat for a prolonged period of time I would think that it's OK. Check for the expiration first though. I've heard that with alot of supps the expiration date pretty much serves as a date that you should still receive maximum potency of the ingredients inside the product. After that date, the product may not be as potent. I'd give it a try.

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