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    I suppose this fits in supplements....

    Anyway, as you know keto diets don't allow people to eat breads and other foods high in carbs.  There are a bunch of sites out there that sell low/no carb replacement foods.  I, for one, get sick of eating the same food on a keto diet, so am always looking for some more things to try.  Yesterday I picked up a box of Atkins Blueberry muffins, some pancake mix, no carb syrup, and baking mix.  I tried the blueberry muffins last night and was VERY IMPRESSED!  These things are as good as the real deal.  They have a great texture and taste and I would never know the difference.  I am looking foward to trying the other stuff I purchased.  Anyway, I thought I would let fellow keto people know about this...its a nice treat to have a "bread" product and still stay true to the diet.  Per muffin = 9 carbs, 6 fiber, thus 3 active carbs.  I'll be trying more keto foods in the future and will continue to let you guys know how they are.



  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Summer cutting time is coming up soon and ive been hearing a lot about these no carb "carb" products. Good to hear they taste alright. Ill be giving them a try myself....

  3. I've used the Atkins pancake mix and syrup, surprisingly good, and doesn't throw you out of ketosis. Thumbs up!

  4. Had my first run of atkins pancake mix.  If you load it up with enough butter and no carb syrup it is ok.  The texture of the pancake isn't all that great, but overall, not bad.  I would take the muffins over the pancakes any day of the week, but thats just me!  More reviews to come --- provided I buy more keto food

  5. wow, if you thought the muffins were better than the pancakes, they must not be bad then. I didn't mind the pancakes at all. $$$ though.

  6. One of my favorite meals when I was on CKD was about 14 slices of crisp pepperoni with about 4 ounces of cheese. Damn, that sounds pretty good anytime.

  7. I saw this thread again, and I remembered this site...

    They have low-carb EVERYTHING there...hehehe

  8. Damn been on a posting rampage the past hour or post whore


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  9. Originally posted by Lifeguard
    Damn been on a posting rampage the past hour or post whore



  10. I picked up some more blueberry muffin mix and a new kind of blueberry muffin quick muffing/bread mix.  Not sure how its really different, but will try it out.  I also got a box of chocolate chip muffins *6 carbs each, and will let everyone know how it goes




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