Do I need more?

  1. Do I need more?

    Now taking Vasocharge pre workout and it a magic ju ju "creasci blend". The label reads this per serving: CreaSci Blend:
    (Creatine Monohydrate, Dicreatine Malate) 2,500mg. Do I need to be taking more creatine mono per day? Fill me in.

  2. 245? doesn't sound like you need much more! hehe. if your gut tolerates it, I guess you could go for a bit more & see if you benefit.

  3. You can probably add in a post-workout dose of the same amount of mono in pill form if you want to (real cheap to get at NutraPlanet and if you notice no difference you aren't out a lot of money) or you could get some bulk powder and add it into a post workout shake if you have one.
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